The Terrible Truth About Puppy Witching Hour

If you’re a new pet owner, you may have been surprised by the sudden bursts of energy your furry friend exhibits. Known as the ‘puppy witching hour,’ it can be both entertaining and overwhelming to witness. But don’t worry! We aim to explain the phenomenon of the puppy witching hour and shed some light on it.

What is Puppy Witching Hour?

Puppy witching hour refers to a specific time of day when dogs experience a sudden burst of energy and may exhibit unusual behavior. This phenomenon can happen to dogs of all ages.

During this time, your dog may engage in zoomies, dashing around the house with excitement, and may display undesirable behavior such as shoe theft, jumping, or excessive barking.

Common Signs of the Puppy Witching Hour

Identifying the witching hour in puppies can be done by observing certain common signs. While each puppy is unique, there are some behaviors that you can watch out for. Your usually calm and cuddly pupper may suddenly start running around, jumping, barking, or nipping. They might engage in tail chasing, playfully tug at your pants, or struggle to settle down. These behaviors are different from regular play as they tend to be more intense, unpredictable, and may cause your puppy to become over-tired or stressed if not properly managed.

3 Factors Contributing to the Puppy Witching Hour

The puppy witching hour is triggered by several factors:

  1. Nutrition. Ensuring that your puppy is well-fed and maintaining a proper feeding schedule is crucial. Feeding them too close to bedtime can result in excess energy when you want them to calm down.
  2. Sleep. Sleep patterns also play a significant role. Puppies require ample sleep, averaging 18-20 hours a day. If they don’t get enough rest during the day, they can become tired and irritable, leading to the witching hour.
  3. Environment. Environmental factors such as new people, new surroundings, or even changes in weather can overstimulate puppies and contribute to the witching hour.

Tips on How to Manage Puppy Witching Hour

To effectively manage a puppy’s witching hour, here are some handy tips you can put into place:

  • Establish a consistent routine. This routine should include regular mealtimes, designated nap times, and scheduled play sessions. By providing structure, you can help regulate your puppy’s internal clock and minimize instances of the witching hour.
  • Monitoring your puppy’s diet is crucial. Providing them with balanced nutrition and feeding them at appropriate times can prevent excessive energy during the witching hour.
  • Providing your dog with the right amount of physical and mental stimulation is crucial for their overall well-being. A dog that is bored can become restless and may develop behavioral issues.
  • Equally important is ensuring that your puppy gets enough rest. Create a peaceful and comfortable area where they can nap without disturbances.
  • To help your dog relax, you can provide them with a calming activity like a frozen Kong or a lick mat. Another option is to introduce a simple puzzle designed for dogs, which can stimulate their brain while promoting calm behavior. The key is to slow down their thought process and create a soothing environment.

At what age does the puppy witching hour stop?

The witching hour is not limited to puppies; adult dogs can also experience a witching hour. However, as dogs age, they tend to become less energetic and have fewer bursts of energy.

The duration of the puppy’s witching hour will vary based on your dog’s energy level and how you address their requirements for physical and mental stimulation.

Training During the Puppy Witching Hour

Training during the puppy witching hour can be a bit challenging, but it also presents a great opportunity to utilize your puppy’s energy and engage in effective training practices. It is important to engage your puppy both mentally and physically during this time, using activities like puzzle toys, obedience training, or interactive games. However, be cautious not to overstimulate your puppy. While training during the witching hour can help strengthen your bond with your puppy, an overly excited puppy may struggle to maintain focus.

The mystery of the puppy witching hour has been unraveled. It’s important to remember that understanding and managing this witching hour is an integral part of the thrilling journey of raising your puppy. It’s a phase that they will eventually outgrow, and by adopting the right approach, you can transform this time into a delightful and fulfilling experience for both you and your furry friend.

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