Global Pet Expo 2024 Highlights

The 20th annual Global Pet Expo was held in Orlando, Florida from March 20-22, 2024, with over 3100 booths and 1185 exhibits of the newest and coolest pet products from around the world. Spanning the space of six football fields, over 1000 new products spanning 13 different categories debuted, and they definitely didn’t disappoint!

Imagine wandering through an endless sea of booths – over 3,100 if you’re counting – and each one was brimming with innovative pet goodies. 

It was the ultimate for all things pets and pet products, with nearly 1200 new products in the New Product showcase alone.  The Orange County Convention Center was absolutely electric with excitement and creativity.

American Pet Products Association (APPA) President and CEO Peter Scott commented on the depth of innovation present at the event, which prompted the introduction of new categories like Dog Food/Treats and Pet Sustainability. The latter, a collaboration with the Pet Sustainability Coalition, highlighted products meeting high environmental and social responsibility standards—a nod to the growing consumer demand for sustainable options in pet care.

The Showcase itself received an upgrade, featuring modernized displays as part of the new Innovation in Motion Experience. Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA) President Celeste Powers expressed pride in the exhibitors’ creativity, which was prominently on display and contributed to the event’s dynamic atmosphere.

Standout winners included Pisces USA’s Anubias on Lava for Aquatic, and Molly Mutt’s Organic Cotton Dog Beds for Pet Sustainability. The Pet Tech Innovation category was topped by Uproot Clean with their 7-in-1 Pet Grooming Kit, with unique subliminal calmer RelaxoPet coming in second and reflecting the industry’s direction towards smart, user-friendly pet care solutions.

The full list of categories and winners is as follows:


  • Best In Show: Anubias on Lava, Pisces USA
  • 2nd Place: Ultrascape Diamond Bluetooth Set, Aquael
  • 3rd Place: Fluval Bio-CO2, Hagen Group           


  • Best In Show: Happy Beaks Corky Crunchers & Humanized Bird, A&E Cage Company LLC
  • 2nd Place: FeatherSnap Scout – Wi-Fi Solar Powered Smart Bird, Aperture Pet & Life  
  • 3rd Place: Wild Delight Squirrel Away Zero-Waste 5lb, D&D Commodities Ltd.


  • Best In Show: GivePet Cat Treats, GivePet
  • 2nd Place: refillable catnip blankets, krazykitty
  • 3rd Place: Pet Greens Live Cat Grass & Catnip, Bell Rock Growers                       

Dog Food/Treats

  • Best In Show: Dennis Boecker, Allprovide Pet Foods LLC
  • 2nd Place: Freeze Dried USDA Organic Pumpkin Treats, A Better Treat 
  • 3rd Place: Next Level Super Premium Dog Food, Next Level Super Premium Pet Food

Dog Products

  • Best In Show: Happy Dingos Slow Feeder Bowl, Happy Dingos
  • 2nd Place: Dog X Cube, GURU Pet Company
  • 3rd Place: Charmdana Dog Bandana with Wag-Witty Charms, COLTOYS

Farm & Feed

  • Best In Show: Coop Combo- Hemp Fiber Nesting Mats & Bedding, All Walks
  • 2nd Place: Poultry Pro Waterer, Poultry Pro
  • 3rd Place: Little Coop Recouper Urban Chicken Coop Deodorizer, Coastline Global Inc.

Natural Pet

  • Best In Show: BetterBones Family Of Tailored Durability Chews, BetterBone
  • 2nd Place: Natural Dish Soap Bar, Project Sudz 
  • 3rd Place: Earthz Pet Daily Health Topper, Earthz Pet

Pet Sustainability

  • Best In Show: Organic Cotton Dog Beds, Blankets, Crate Covers, Molly Mutt
  • 2nd Place: Open Farm Canned Pate’s and Icelandic Toppers, Open Farm
  • 3rd Place: Dr. Bob’s Wisdom® Air-Dried Dog Food From the Seed, Earth Animal

Pet Tech Innovation

  • Best In Show: The Uproot Clean 7-in-1 Pet Grooming Kit, Uproot Clean   
  • 2nd Place: Relaxopet Easy, Europet, Inc.
  • 3rd Place: Mella Home Thermometer, Mella Pet Care Inc.          

Point of Purchase

  • Best In Show: Cricket Keeper, Spectrum Brands / Global Pet Care
  • 2nd Place: Pet Greens Live Cat Grass & Catnip, Bell Rock Growers
  • 3rd Place: Blue Mountain Hay Small Animal Pet Hay Package, Blue Mountain Hay   


  • Best In Show: Exo Terra BioActive Terrarium, Hagen Group
  • 2nd Place: ReptiFauna, Central Garden & Pet
  • 3rd Place: Josh’s Frogs Isopod & Springtail Hangers, Josh’s Frogs LLC     

Small Animal

  • Best In Show: The Roam – With Patented Paw Protection Technology, Happy Habitats
  • 2nd Place: back 2 nature® Small Animal Bedding, Kent Pet Group Inc.
  • 3rd Place: Little Hamster Odor Blaster – Bedding Deodorizer, Coastline Global Inc.

The Modern Pet

  • Best In Show: Hoggin’ Dogs – Prime Rib and Pumpkin Flavors, Puppy Cake
  • 2nd Place: Snuffle Mats, P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You
  • 3rd Place: Bredwell Smooches, Bredwell Ltd

But it wasn’t all just about the products. The show also served up a hefty dose of knowledge, with the Global Learning Series packing in over 50 hours of education. As APPA recently acquired The Pet Summit, there was lots of collaborative information from that front as well.

Representatives from APPA shared industry trends–including the news that more Gen X and Boomer pet parents are not adopting after a pet passes, while Gen Z (and A) are moving into the largest growing category of pet parents out there.

The news was not surprising, they shared, as COVID changed a lot for pet parents and the pet industry alike.

Still, lots remain the same–like the commitment to the betterment of pets and their humans. 

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