Best Snufflemats for Dogs

Why consider a snufflemat for your dog

A snuffle mat is a great addition to any dog’s life. Although it can help dogs who eat too quickly, there are many other benefits as well.

Brain Workout: One such benefit is brain stimulation. Dogs need mental stimulation to be happy and healthy. They were originally hunters, so they enjoy challenges. Even the laziest dogs like to use their instincts and feel productive. A snuffle mat can provide that challenge, as they try to hunt for treats hidden in different places in the mat. It can add some excitement to their day and break up a potentially boring routine.

Calms Your Dog Down: Did you know that a snufflemat can actually help calm your dog down? While you might assume that it would only encourage frantic behavior, just 15 minutes of active sniffing can have a calming effect on your pup. In fact, this short activity can burn as many calories as an hour-long walk. So, on days when you can’t get outside due to bad weather or other reasons, a snuffle mat can be a great way to keep your dog relaxed and happy.

Speedy Eaters: Using a snuffle mat can help slow down your dog’s eating speed, which is important for their health. Most dogs love food and can eat it too quickly, leading to digestive issues, choking, and even obesity. The snuffle mat requires your dog to actively seek out their food, making them take more time to eat and avoid inhaling their food. The mat’s nubs help slow down the eating pace and improve digestion. By using a snuffle mat, each meal becomes a rewarding experience for your dog.

Honing Foraging Skills: Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and are natural foragers. A snuffle mat is a great way for them to hone their foraging skills while searching for treats. It can also be used as a productive training tool for puppies.

Move It, Move It: Snuffle mats are a great option for dogs with mobility issues, chronic pain, or those recovering from an injury or surgery. Unlike traditional toys that may require a lot of physical movement, snuffle mats provide mental stimulation and a fun challenge without taxing a dog’s mobility. They are also a great option for senior dogs who may have trouble with treat-dispensing toys. While young dogs can dig in and rummage through the mat with greater force, seniors can recover treats at their own pace. Snuffle mats are a safe and enjoyable way to keep dogs stimulated and engaged, without the risk of additional injury.

Our Picks for the Best Snufflemats for Dogs

Top Pick: Paw5 Wooly Snufflemat

Looking for a way to keep your dog entertained throughout any meal? Look no further than the Paw5 Wooly Snuffle Mat! This snuffle mat is a customer favorite, with plenty of positive reviews to back it up. Not only is it effective at keeping dogs occupied while they eat, it’s also easy to clean – a feature that’s not always easy to find in these types of products. Simply fill the mat, toss it in the washing machine, and your dog will be ready to start snuffling again in no time. The Paw5 Wooly Snuffle Mat is perfect for dogs who love to forage, and it’s sure to become a fast favorite in your household.

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Runner Up: NEECONG Snuffle Mat

Because some dogs have a tendency to eat their food too quickly, this can lead to digestive issues. To promote healthy eating habits, consider this snufflemat – it’s a great way to provide a fun and healthy challenge for your dog. Your dog will be stimulated to use their senses and problem-solving skills to find them, as it provides mental enrichment and helps prevent boredom. The mat is made of premium, non-toxic and durable polyester material.

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Best for Nosey Dogs: LIVEKEY Pet Snuffle Mat

LIVEKEY Pet Snuffle Mat is a great choice for dogs that are new to nosework or have some experience. It provides a mid-range challenge level that is neither too easy nor too difficult. The center of the mat features tassels and ribbons that make it challenging for dogs to find the hidden kibble, making it perfect for greedy eaters. The snuffle mat is made from super soft fleece and has an anti-slip bottom. It is easy to clean and maintain, as it is both machine washable and dryable.

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Best for Multipet Households: STEFE Snuffle Mat for Dogs

This activity mat is perfect for young, energetic, and easily bored dogs. It encourages natural foraging instincts and provides a variety of activities to help your pup settle frustration and anxiety from boredom. Even without treats hidden inside, your furry friend may enjoy the mat. 

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Cutest Design: IFOYO Feeding Mat

You’ll want your dog to dig up this flower. We love this mat! Not only is it adorable, it’s also perfect for smaller dogs who need to learn to eat more slowly. The fluffy design keeps them entertained even when it’s not mealtime.

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Best Whimsical: Oliumt Snuffle Mat for Dogs

How super cute! The Oliumt Snuffle Mat is the perfect tool for stimulating your pet’s natural foraging instincts. This unique training mat allows pets to search for snacks, kibble, or small toys hidden throughout the mat, keeping them engaged and entertained for extended periods of time. Made of high-quality material, this snuffle mat is machine washable and can be used at home or on the go. Additionally, the mat features anti-slip ridges on the bottom to prevent sliding on hard-surface floors, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for your pet.

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Best Non-Slip: Shy Coyote Snuffle Mat

This giant desert flower snuffle mat is designed with vibrant colors and stimulating sounds to keep your dog engaged and entertained for hours. The mat features a squeaker toy, bell, and crinkle fabric, all hidden throughout the sniffing pad. Additionally, there are five small side cups to place treats directly, providing endless options to keep your dog guessing and challenged. The non-slip grip pad on the bottom ensures stability, while the mat can be easily washed in your washing machine. Before washing, be sure to shake out any missed food from your dog’s last snuffle.

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Best Basic: Pet Parents Forager Dog Snuffle Mat & Feeding Mat

The Forager Mat is the perfect solution for pet owners who want to engage their furry friends’ minds while eliminating the risk of choking, vomiting, or bloating. With Forager Mat, dogs use their natural foraging instincts and sense of smell to hunt for their food, leading to a fun and interactive eating experience. The proprietary SoftSnout material is the softest available in snuffle mats for dogs, making it gentle and comfortable for your pet’s nose, tongue and gums. Additionally, the anti-slide backing hugs the floor to prevent slipping and sliding during mealtime. Use Forager Mat as a dog food bowl replacement to encourage slower eating habits and increase food motivation.

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Best Challenge: AWOOF Snuffle Mat

Are you looking for a toy or feeding solution that will challenge your clever dog? The AWOOF Snuffle Mat is perfect for pets that need a little extra stimulation during mealtime or playtime. With a complex design filled with nooks and crannies, your pet will have a blast exploring the mat and searching for treats. The center of the mat features a large flower with four layers of petals, perfect for hiding larger treats, along with smaller pockets for a more challenging scavenger hunt. To add to the fun, we’ve even included a few crinkly and squeaky petals. Made from durable Oxford cloth and plush polar fleece, the mat is built to withstand scratching and nose-dives. And when it’s time for a wash, simply toss it in the machine. Your furry friend will have a blast with the AWOOF Snuffle Mat.

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Honorable Mention: Rundik Snuffle Mat

The Rundik Snuffle Mat is a unique feeding mat designed to sharpen a dog’s senses, instincts, and cognitive skills during feedings while also easing digestion. This snuffle mat is perfect for concealing dog treats and dry food. The feeder also features anti-skid traction grips on the reverse side, and it is easy to clean and machine washable.

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What to consider when choosing a snufflemat

When choosing a snuffle mat, it’s important to consider your pet’s unique characteristics, such as their size, play style, and habits. For example, some dogs may require a more challenging design that’s harder to navigate in order to stay engaged, while others may prefer a simpler, less puzzling snuffle mat. It’s also important to consider whether you’re getting a snuffle mat to serve as a slow feeder, to promote nose work, or both, and to choose a design that fits your needs. Additionally, it’s important to choose a snuffle mat made of durable, easy-to-clean materials, as it’s likely to get messy. Fortunately, there are many unique snuffle mat designs available with varying levels of intricacy. Observe your pet’s eating and play habits and choose accordingly.

How to clean a snufflemat

Like many dog toys and accessories, snuffle mats can quickly accumulate dirt, hair, and bacteria if not cleaned regularly. Food particles, saliva, and other grime can build up on the mat over time, creating an unsanitary environment for your pet. To prevent this, it’s important to clean your pet’s snuffle mat on a regular basis. Most snuffle mats can be machine washed, which is convenient and effective. However, be sure to check the cleaning instructions before purchasing a mat to ensure that it can be easily cleaned, preferably in a machine. If your snuffle mat is hand wash only, be sure to thoroughly clean all the nooks and crannies to prevent bacteria buildup.

Are snuffle mats safe?

It’s understandable for pet owners to have concerns about the safety of new accessories for their furry companions. However, snuffle mats are completely safe for dogs and even provide various benefits. As long as you keep the mat clean to avoid bacteria and mold, it’s safe to use for dogs of all ages and sizes. It’s important to note that if your pet has a tendency to chew aggressively, you should avoid leaving them unsupervised with the mat as they may accidentally ingest pieces of it. Keep the snuffle mat clean and hygienic, and there should be no threat to your dog’s health.

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